Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

Revisionary surgery on a previously operated-on nose can be a daunting and anxiety provoking experience for patients. Nobody wants to have secondary surgery, but sometimes the results from a first surgery may be suboptimal.Fortunately, Dr. Warner specializes in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery and can help you reach your original goals, leading to a beautiful and natural result.

Previous surgery may have been for cosmetic reasons (nose job), functional reasons, or may have been done for a traumatic injury to the nose. Regardless of the reason, secondary surgery on the nose can be more complex than primary (or first time) rhinoplasty. While many of the common deformities seen in primary rhinoplasty come in more straightforward variations, patients presenting for revision rhinoplasty can have a tremendous amount of complex variability – noses can come in almost endless shapes and forms. Some of this variability comes from the fact that many different techniques can be used in primary rhinoplasty, leading to a variety of deformities and complications. Other variability may come from inadequate correction of previous concerns and issues.

A thorough consultation will address your specific concerns and pinpoint the exact nasal problems. This will lead to a solid surgical plan resulting in your ultimate satisfaction. You can be assured of the most thorough consultation and examination when you meet with Dr. Warner. Additionally, the specific details of surgery will be discussed and you will be given a quote for any out-of-pocket costs related to your surgery.

The Psychological Aspect of Revision Rhinoplasty

Nobody wants to have surgery. It takes a lot of courage to undergo a primary rhinoplasty surgery, and it can be very distressing to realize that your nose is still not where you want it to be. The thought of undergoing further surgery can be anxiety provoking – the recovery, time off work or school, further discomfort, added cost, and the fear of further disappointment all contribute to delaying a revision surgery. Many patients think, “Well if it didn’t turn out right the first time, why would I do it again?” These thoughts are not unreasonable. It is natural to feel this way. However, there are many varied factors that lead to initial disappointment. Perhaps the patient was not clear in their concerns, was not given the time to voice their concerns, or was given an unrealistic expectation about what surgery could achieve. Maybe the surgery was not performed in an optimal way or perhaps the surgeon did a perfect job, and things just didn’t heal correctly. There is no doubt that nature plays a big role in the final outcome of rhinoplasty surgery.

Regardless of the underlying reason, Dr. Warner (certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) can help you achieve your goals in a predictable way. In almost all cases, there is room to correct the deformity in your nose from your previous surgery and make it better. You will feel reassured when you make a consultation to speak with Dr. Warner and discuss your concerns and options. He understands your feelings related to your disappointment regarding your previous surgery and strives to make you feel better about your options. Let us help you in your journey to having the nose you always wanted!

Primary Rhinoplasty versus Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty certainly presents challenges that are not commonly seen in primary (or first-time) rhinoplasty surgery. Patients with noses that have previously undergone surgery present with more scar tissue, more significant deformities, greater structural/functional problems, fewer options for harvesting cartilage, and greater psychological distress. Using his aesthetic background from his plastic surgery training, and his functional/structural background from his otolaryngology training, Dr. Warner can assure you the most thorough assessment and plan for addressing your concerns. After meeting with Dr. Warner, you will likely understand that although you previously had a suboptimal result, there is still a very high chance of success. During you consultation, you will discuss your original concerns, your current concerns, review your photographs, develop a plan for revision surgery, discuss recovery, and receive a quote for any out-of-pocket costs related to surgery.