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Jeremy Warner, M.D. is a prominent rhinoplasty surgeon who delivers exceptional results in all areas of plastic surgery, not only to patients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, but also to patients from all across the U. S. and abroad. What’s more, Dr. Warner has been featured on several nationally acclaimed news programs for his state-of-the-art surgery and in a number of significant newspaper publications for his research. Additionally, Jeremy Warner, M.D. strives to offer all of his rhinoplasty patients with the finest experiences, in addition to advancing long-lasting doctor-patient relationships through innovation, technology, progressive rhinoplasty surgical techniques and unwavering personal integrity. No matter the kind of surgical procedure Highland Park patients need, Jeremy Warner, M.D., is the rhinoplasty surgeon who can help them achieve all of their prospective goals.

Highland Park Revision Rhinoplasty

Winnetka, the home of Jeremy Warner, M.D., is conveniently located only a little more than eight miles southeast of Highland Park, Illinois. On the occasion Highland Park residents are contemplating having rhinoplasty surgery, they contact Dr. Warner. Our professional staff realizes that a Highland Park patient’s nose can be the cause of physical discomfort, as well as personal embarrassment. Therefore, rhinoplasty for Highland Park patients often performs two significant purposes –functional and cosmetic or aesthetic. If a Highland Park patient suffers from nasal airway obstruction or breathing difficulties, a rhinoplasty surgeon is necessary to correct those problems. Also, if a Highland Park resident’s nose does not seem to be compatible with the rest of the person’s face, a rhinoplasty surgeon can help reinstate the patient’s sense of self and confidence through surgery.

Highland Park Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Jeremy Warner, M.D. also performs revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is secondary surgery on a nose which has previously had surgery. Initial rhinoplasty surgery may have been required because of a traumatic injury to the nose or for cosmetic or functional reasons. Whatever the underlying cause, Dr. Warner will be able to reassure you by helping you deal with your feelings of disappointment relating to the primary surgery and any apprehension you may have regarding the revision rhinoplasty. As a rhinoplasty surgeon of distinction, Dr. Warner and his staff will endeavor to ensure that you feel comfortable about your options and will help you in your journey to get the nose you have always wanted. To learn more about rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty, call Jeremy Warner, M.D., today, at: (847) 558-8888.

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